super choice ink .....mighty realistic....

day of the dead

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insane eye ink....

an eye for an eye…

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Da mann without a face

Dog Portrait Tattoo

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Never Say Die Tattoo

Never Say Die Skull Tattoo

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Dream Catcher Tattoo March 2013

Dream Catcher Tattoo March 2013

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Paul Rodgers Tattoo Portrait

Paul Rodgers Tattoo Portrait

If you don't know who Paul Rodgers is, you might want to leave. This is an awesome … [Read more...]

realistic skull tattoo

Realistic Skull Tattoo

What an amazing looking tattoo. This Skull tattoo find is from March 2013. Rate this … [Read more...]

zombie tattoo on arm

Zombie Tattoo On Mans Arm

If you like Zombies, you'll love this tattoo. One of my favorite Zombie Tattoos that Ive … [Read more...]


Tattoo Artist Jimbo Rahmberg

Lydia's apple by Jimbo Rahmberg¬†at The Ultimate Art Form Tattoo Studio in Wentzville, MO. … [Read more...]

blonds with tattoos

Beautiful Blonde Covered In Tattoo’s

Looking for a blonde chick covered in tattoo's? What are your thoughts about this beauty? … [Read more...]

Girl Smoking Tattoo

Girl Smoking Tattoo Quarter Sleeve

Need an idea for Smoking Tattoo? Here we have a quarter sleeve of a girl smoking in a New … [Read more...]

Mad TV Tattoo

Mad TV Tattoo

Here is my Favorite Tattoo of the Day. This is one cool Mad TV tattoo. What are your … [Read more...]

Old School Mic Tattoo

Old School Mic Tattoo

Here's cool Old School Mic Tattoo that we have to show you. Are you looking for an Old … [Read more...]

Realistic Owl Tattoo

Realistic Owl Tattoo

Earlier today we received this submission of a really awesome looking Realistic Owl … [Read more...]

realistic sugar skull tattoo

Realistic Sugar Skull Tattoo

Realistic Sugar Skull tattoo's are pretty rare. I haven't seen too many people with this … [Read more...]


Flower Tattoo’s For Stomach

If you're looking for a new tattoo, you might want to check this Flower Tattoo. The tattoo … [Read more...]

Realistic Eyeball Tattoo

Realistic Eyeball Tattoo

What are your thoughts about this realistic eyeball tattoo? Do you have one similar to … [Read more...]

New School Hear Tattoo

New School Heart Tattoo

What a great looking tattoo of a New School Heart. Do you have a New School Heart Tattoo, … [Read more...]

Angel Portrait Tattoo

Angel Portrait Tattoo

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baseball tattoo

Baseball Tattoo’s

This was submitted from a fellow reader earlier this afternoon. He wanted to share his … [Read more...]

blue hair girl tattoo

Blue Hair Girl Tattoo

Cool tattoo's are not that hard to find. We have a bunch of photographed tattoo's … [Read more...]

eyeball tattoo

Eyeball Tattoo

Looking for a cool Eyeball Tattoo idea? Have a look at this one right here. We have … [Read more...]

fear and loathing tattoo

Fear And Loathing Tattoo

Looking for a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas tattoo?¬†We have dozens of tattoo ideas for … [Read more...]

realistic butterfly tattoo

Realistic Butterfly Tattoo

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pirate tattoo for women

Pirate Tattoo For Women

Looking to get a pirate tattoo? Well if you're a female here is a great example for you to … [Read more...]

muppets tattoo

Muppets Tattoo

If you like the Muppets, then you'll love this colorful tattoo of all the Muppets from the … [Read more...]

guy with full body tattoos

Full Body Tattoo’s For Men

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realistic rose tattoo

Realistic Rose Tattoo

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spider man tattoos

Spider Man Tattoo

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